War Songs

War Songs

War Songs (2017)

Track list:

1. What if!

2. Guderian and the Ice-Cream

3. Infantry in the Trenches

4. Hopak

5. Sky Shooter

6. We Will Win! 

7. Overture

8. Finale


Roman Suslov guitar, vocal, tambourine

Dmitry Shumilov bass, double-bass, back-vocal

Mikhail Mitin drums

Andrey Solovyov trumpet, back-vocal

Pavel Tonkovid sax

Maxim Trefan grand-piano (1-5)

Pavel Karmanov grand-piano (6, 7)

Sergey Ryzhenko violin, back-vocal

Denis Yurovskiy ride cymbal, bell (8)


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Music and lyrics Roman Suslov

Recorded in Parametrika Studio (Moscow) in January-August 2017 except for Overture (December 2015)

Mixed by Denis Yurovskiy and Roman Suslov

Album artworks  by Yaroslav Schwarzstein

Liner noted by Gregory Durnovo

Lyrics translations by Ilya Shlepakov

Liner notes translations by Mikhail Sizonenko

Photo by Vladimir Lavrishchev

Album make-up by Dmitry Mokshin

Booklet design and make-up by Anastasia Yeltseva

Producers Roman Suslov and Slava Nedeoglo